About Us

Texas Senior Benefits specializes in medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance and also retirement, wealth and income protection.

Texas Senior Benefits is a full-service, independent insurance agency specializing in quality insurance products designed to protect and insure the health, life, long term care and retirement needs of today’s Texas senior.

The success and growth of Texas Senior Benefits is based on our core values…honesty, loyalty, integrity, excellence, leadership, respect and selfless service. Our mission is to provide quality products along with sensible and valuable solutions to our clients in a timely manner without compromising any degree of quality or integrity.

Texas Proud!

We are Texas based…and proud to serve the State of Texas.

Texas Senior Benefits is proud of our Texas heritage, values and the people we serve.  Texas is a great state made of proud people with simple values…honesty, loyalty, integrity, excellence, leadership, respect and selfless service.  We work hard each day to incorporate this heritage and these values into our company.  We are proud to serve the seniors of Texas and look forward to helping with your senior insurance needs.

Independence matters!

Texas Senior Benefits is an independent insurance agency, meaning we represent many top-rated Texas insurance companies in order to better serve our clients.  Independence allows us the ability to compare rates, products and companies in order to offer you unbiased recommendations and find the company and product to best meet your needs at the lowest available rates.

Specialization makes a difference!

By being specialized in serving Texans that are age 50+, we are able to focus our time, energy and education into a deeper and better understanding, comprehend and stay up-to-date on the products that effect this group.  Master our niche.

Oftentimes, agents will try to be a “jack of all trades”, meaning they try to handle everything…the car, home, health, life, long term care, etc. We also see this quite often on the investment advisor side.  An advisor will try handle a clients investments and money and also try to be their insurance agent.  There is simply too much to each aspect…and all too often these people are actually “masters of none” because they do not handle any one aspect effectively or properly.