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Why Choose Texas Senior Benefits?

We are Texas Medicare specialists.

By specializing in Medicare insurance for Texans, we are able to focus our time, energy and education into a deeper and better understanding, comprehend and stay up-to-date on the products that affect this group.  We master our niche.

Many insurance agencies and/or financial firms try to be a “jack of all trades” - meaning they try to handle everything…the car, home, health, life, long term care, investments, etc. There is simply too much to know on each aspect.  All too often these agencies and advisors become “masters of nothing” because they do not handle any one aspect effectively or properly.

We are an Independent agency.

Independence is important to you!  This simply means we are committed to the policyholder and not any specific insurance company.

Simply put, we work for you.

As an independent agency, we represent many top-rated Texas insurance companies in order to better serve our clients.  This allows us the ability to compare rates, products and companies in order to offer you unbiased recommendations and find the company and product to best meet your needs, at the lowest available rates.

We are Texas proud.

We take great pride in being from Texas and directly contributing to the Texas economy. We have a number of employees and agents located throughout Texas. Additionally, we focus on doing business with other businesses and companies located in Texas. For example, our preferred overnight service is Lone Star Overnight. These employees, agents, contractors, businesses and companies are all a vital link in the “chain” of the Texas economy. Keep Texas strong and don’t break the chain!

Texas Senior Benefits is proud of our Texas heritage, values and the people we serve.  Texas is made of proud people with simple values…honesty, loyalty, integrity, excellence, leadership, respect and selfless service.  We work hard each day to incorporate this heritage and these values into our company.  We are proud to serve the seniors of Texas.

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